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Areca Leaf Plates :: Manufacturing Process

Areca Leaf Plates are made from areca leaf, which are eco friendly and sanitized, Manufacturing in high Quality.
We have various standard designs in our products range. We also provide exclusive designs based on the customer reference of shapes and sizes.
Quality is our primary important and considering it throughout the manufacturing process. We are following strict quality checkpoints at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the standard product quality.
The expects are checking the quality at each stage as well as we are following Five S tool to conform the quality, The plates are washed in hot water to ensure the germ-free and it is packed clean with care .
We assure that the products are manufactured without any chemical.
Our modern Classic variety of products includes Circular, Rectangle, Hexagon and Square shapes with various sizes. The products sizes starts from 4 inches to 12 inches. The shapes are perfected through proper die design, heating and controlled manufacturing process.
Size : 12 inch, 10 inch, 8 inch, 6 inch , 4 inch

Plates Usage Occasions
Our firm manufactures a wide range of biodegradable Areca-nut Plates. The plates are available in various sizes and have different natural thickness. Hygienic in nature, the plates are used for serving hot and cold food as these can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. Further, these can be customized as per the specifications required our clients
Our Areca Leaf Plates are can be used for various occasion to serve all kinds of food - Hot, Cold, Oily, Dry, Greasy. Areca leaf plates are the best alternatives to any other disposable plates in following occasion and places like

Wedding Parties Family Get Together
Corporate Meeting Picnic Restaurants
CoffeShop Food parcel packing All Religious functions
College Functions Festivals    

100% Biodegradable being made from nothing else but an areca sheath. Tolerate oven temperatures of up to 220C Suitable for the freezer and the microwave. Suitable for packaging fruit and vegetable produce, the Leaf Sheath is composed of over 70% cellulose, providing a highly oxygenated base, there for tests show that raw fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer. 100% leak proof, resists oil and water Lightweight yet strong enough to be used with cutlery. Hygienic, non odorous, there for food flavors are not affected. An economical disposable alternative for all catering occasions, saving water by eliminating the need for washing up Can be disposed of by composting or placed into normal waste collection where they bio degrade into landfill without compromising our precious environment whatsoever. Used as animal fodder, cows, goats and sheep love bio plates too!

The products are completely hygienic and safe and the following tests can be done by the importer/buyer.
Health & Safety Testing
Anaerobic Plate Count - APC35C
Test: Coli form and Yeast/Mold testing
Explanation: The products are sanitary for immediate use out of the package.
Test: Before shipping, the container is fumigated and tested for safety. To be exported, the test must be passed.
Explanation: Plant material is safe for contact with food.
ASTM D-6400
Explanation: Testing for heavy metals is for both human and environmental concern. The tests will show that it is well below the acceptable level.
Compostability Testing
ASTM D-6866
Test: Biological material testing
Explanation: The products are completely natural. There are no additives, plastics, waxes or glues in the products.
ASTM D-6868 and ASTM D-6400
Test: Speed and ability to be composted.
Explanation: The standard for this test is 60% in 90 days. Areca leaf products will be composted 150 % above the standard in 2/3 the time.

Each plate, Cups and Bowe bags are minimized packed as 25 or 50 pieces per pack and they are packed in carton boxes as per customer requirement .Before packing products once again these products quality checked using Five S tools and verified by senior person as well as all packing done in front of the video camera

Our products are good source of organic manure. Their approximate composition is N2 (0.94 per cent); P2O5 (0.096 per cent) and K20 (1.00 per cent).
The compost mixed with our products acts as a fertilizer, enhancing plant growth. It becomes high quality compost.